Daily Favourites: Midweek Wednesday

Whoop whoop hi5 yourself for reaching the half way point this week! This week has felt like it’s whizzing past, there’s been early starts, airport runs (my boyfriends dad came back from India yesterday) I love going to airports it feels like an adventure is about to start! Let’s get started with todays top five favourite items of the day.

Favourite Stationary

At the end of last year I made the best investment money could buy with this diary from Danielle LaPorte. Every year I go to Paperchase and invest the standard £10-15 in a diary and use it religiously for the first few weeks of the year and then lose momentum mid January because by then I’ve lost motivation and direction and just need a little help to get started but blank pages with dates on them don’t really inspire me. Whereas this diary from Danielle prompts you to think about what you want to achieve for the day, week and month. If you’re in need of a little push each week then this is definitely the diary for you. Even though we are a quarter of a way through the year don’t let that put you off from starting, it will really change your life. There’s also a 50% off discount on at the moment, so what better time to get started! I went for the weekly planner.

danielle laporte journal-limited-1

Favourite Film

I really fancied watching an old film today and went for Mo Money, it’s such a classic for me. I love how carefree and funny it is and it’s such as easy watch with the hilarious Damon Wayans and Stacey Dash.


Favourite Song

It had to be Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross– The Best Things In Life Are Free after watching Mo Money.

Favourite Drink

It has to be a mid week Prosecco! Getting half way through the week definitely needs some kind of celebration. Moet seems a bit too elaborate but something with bubbles is a must!


Favourite Quote

quote victor huge