Daily Favourites: Working Wednesday

It’s been a busy day today where I’ve had lunch and dinner at my desk in my office.

Favourite Lunch

Today’s lunch consisted of last nights dinner which was home cooked pasta mixed with Quinoa and Edamame Soybean Salad from Marks and Spencer. You must try this for yourself to realise just how delicious this is.

home cooked pasta and quinoa salad

Favourite Dinner

I knew I would be in the office quite late today so I packed myself some homemade dhal (lentils) and salad which consisted of grated carrot and beetroot alongside cucumber and tomato, I also thought I’d keep the vibe quite authentic and use a tiffin box!

dhal and salad

Favourite Inspirational Person

I recently came across the work of Dr Gary Chapman and this evening found myself listening to his book “The Five Love Languages” which I found on YouTube. This isn’t the entire version but I will be purchasing this book on Audible as I have found it very inspirational so far. Just so you have an insight the five love languages are described as: 1) Words of Affirmation 2) Acts of Service 3) Receiving Gifts 4) Quality Time 5) Physical Touch.


Favourite App

I downloaded Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s new alarm clock app called “Rock Clock” last night and actually woke up bright and early without a problem!

the rock clock

(Image Source: Google Images)

Favourite Quote



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