Finding A Good Bra

Who hasn’t spent a small fortune in the quest for the perfect bra?! All us ladies want is a bit of comfort whilst trying to hold our girls up, not the poking and prodding that we have to put up with. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice with almost every clothing store selling bras but, I think we may be a bit too spoilt. Like with anything, when there’s too much choice you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

When I was younger I used to love buying pretty bras, I didn’t care much for the comfort as long as it looked fancy I was good to go! Not that anyone was really going to see it, but it made me feel good knowing I’m wearing nice under garments!

These days I go for the comfort factor, that doesn’t mean I just wear any old skanky bra, the pretty factor still comes into it but comfort definitely wins!

I know it’s a daunting feeling to get get your kit off, well your top, so you can get measured for your bra size, but it’s an extremely important task you should complete. You don’t want to get back issues in the future just because you were too nervous to get measured and to be honest the ladies who measure you see boobs and bodies all day long, so don’t worry about them judging you.

I too was one of them nervous girls who would makes excuses not to get measured and just guess my bra size so I didn’t have to go through the “embarrassment” of some lady seeing me in all my glory but, then one day I just thought I can’t keep wasting money on pretty looking bras…yes bras are blooming pricey! So, I plucked up the courage to go into Triumph to get measured, because I really liked their bras and they looked like specialists, they don’t sell loads of other random products, underwear seems to be their forte. That was the best decision I made a few years back as, I was actually wearing the wrong cup size! All I could think of was all the bras in my underwear drawer that I could no longer wear but, then I thought it’s a fresh start and a chance to buy more beautiful underwear, that actually fits! They were really helpful and made me feel extremely at ease and believe it or not there was no embarrassment endured throughout the whole process, if anything I was able to have a chat and a giggle!

Triumph is one of my favourite brands for bras as, they are really comfy and last for ages no matter how much you wash them, the only con I’d say is that they are quite pricey but their sales are really good and that’s when I tend to stock up on my stash.

More recently I’ve discovered even comfier bras whilst I was visiting the States. I’ve never shopped in American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) but I was curious after seeing their posters of girls in bikinis which hadn’t been photoshopped. The girls didn’t look perfect or weren’t really skinny so I felt like I could relate to them and it seemed like this brand had morals. OMG I wish I had an empty credit card, actually I’m glad I didn’t as I would have bought one of everything in the store. To cut a long story short, I discovered these amazing bras, which have no underwire yet are extremely supportive and oh so comfy! If you’ve got the guts you could actually wear this Aerie Softest Lace Pushup Bralette on a night out with a high wasted skirt! I think it was around $20 which is great value for money the only con would be the material goes bobbly after a few washes. But I’d take a comfortable bobbly bra over a painful pretty bra any day!

(Aerie Softest Lace Pushup Bralette)

Go get measured if you haven’t done so recently, you’ll thank yourself! Trust me 🙂