Gym Essentials

Going to the gym can sometimes be a battle but if you have the things you need whilst you’re there it makes the event so much less painful – maybe not physically but definitely mentally.

Here’s a few of my gym essentials…

1) HEADPHONES – music on, world off! Amen to that! This is your time for some ME time. So blast some Taylor Swift, Nirvana, Usher or whatever takes your fancy and get that heart pumping around the body. Or if you’re lucky enough to have TVs at your gym it’s the perfect time to catch up on your favourite programs and burn some calories at the same time. I’ve tried and tested all types of headphones and the in-ear Beats by Dr.Dre Powerbeats Sport Headphones are by far my favs. They go around the back of the ear so are secure and won’t be popping out when you’re doing your thang on the treadmill.


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2) MUSIC – I’m sure personal handheld CD players are pretty much redundant these days but, good on you if you’re still rocking one! It’s all about downloading your music to your phone and making a playlist that will get you motivated at the gym, iTunes and Spotify seem to be the go to apps to use for this task!

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3) FLANNEL – to wipe away the sweat off your brow. I don’t get people who use their flannel/towel to wipe down a sweaty machine and then use that exact same towel to wipe their face with! Eeeewwww! Yes I do a lot of people watching at the gym!


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4) REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE – a BPA free bottle is what you need to invest in and this BRITA Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle is what I’m using at the moment. You have to change the filter weekly but if you use the bottle daily it’s worth the little expense. And it comes in various colours.


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5) YOGA MAT – you always want to go to Yoga or Pilates with your own mat. You don’t want to be using a mat that someone has sweated all over and had their manky feet on. That’s so not good for your chakras and getting zen on! I love my mat from Reebox, which has a pattern on one side and a positive affirmation on the other and it comes with a string handle to carry it with. I bought mine directly from the Reebok store but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available online anymore but, here’s a similar one on Amazon.

yoga mat

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6) LITTLE BAG – to carry miscellaneous items such as hair bands (even though we know we lose them at every gym session), locker keys and some gum – you never know who you might bump in to when you’re makeup less and drowning in a pool of your own sweat but, at least you’ll have minty fresh breath! You could easily get creative and make a little bag like this yourself, with a scrap piece of fabric.


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7) POST WORKOUT SNACK – it’s important to fuel yourself after a gruelling workout. If protein shakes aren’t your thing, a banana, nuts, apple and peanut butter are some good go to snacks to have after your session.


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