Life Update

Wow! So, I haven’t blogged since 2018! As if! So, this is now my gazillienth (is that even a word!) attempt at blogging in the last five or so years since I started my blog.

So, why am I even bothering with trying to keep this blog afloat when I clearly haven’t had much discipline in the past?! Because, I have A LOT to share! Sharing random information with close friends and family on social media is a little daunting plus they also “don’t get it” half the time. Whereas, having a teeny tiny corner of the internet where I can ramble and share things that I have discovered and that bring me joy, seems like a little safe place for me to be free!

For some reason, I fell out of love with my blog in 2018, I had intentions to redesign it (maybe still work in progress but for now, I kinda like it again) and then I started to compare myself to all the top end bloggers who are actually blogging for a career and felt that I was an imposter, so that put me off too. I eventually just gave up, even though I was on my own little roll and had built up a nice little following of 800 people on Instagram that I could actually call my community. These people would actually like my pictures and comment on my posts, then I just vanished into thin air!

People think blogging is easy, but it’s really not as easy as some may think. Maybe easy isn’t the correct word, I think time consuming could be the word I’m looking for. Anything that you are passionate about will take up time and feel difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. I commend anyone that blogs and especially those that have carved out a cushty little career from it! That will be me one day! Send me all the positive vibes!!!

Now that all my excuses are out of the way, let’s start with a little life update. I won’t bore you with all the little things, just the major life changing events that have taken place, like me getting married!!! More on that in a while.

Since I left the blog in February 2018, I have qualified as a CELTA teacher and taught English as a second language to adults. I will do a blog post on my experience of the qualification, it was definitely one of the toughest courses I have taken but also the most rewarding in a personal way.

Over the last two years, travel has been a little slow for me, however, I did manage to tick off one of my bucket list destinations by travelling to Chiang Mai, Thailand! There will of course be a blog post for this coming up as I have so much information to share as well as pictures.

Now the exciting part…MY WEDDING!

I planned and had my dream wedding! I’m one year in and excited to share all the deets so look out for that blog post coming soon. Let’s just say, with a lot of hard work it all came together in the end, even if there were a few tears. Not many tantrums and my inner bridezilla was kept well under wraps as much as she could be! We also had the honeymoon of our dreams, even though the destination was never on my radar, obviously I’ll be sharing more on that too in an upcoming blog post.

To sum up, in the last two years I’ve had a lot of newness in my life, a new house, a new job and a new husband! Now you know why I’ve been MIA from the blog, but this lockdown has given me the opportunity to get back into it, albeit we are four months into it but, better late than never hey!

Even though I’ve been away from the blog, I’ve still been on my mindfulness journey and have been practicing all the things I have previously preached about. In a sense, being away from my blog has reaffirmed that being mindful in all aspects of my life is something I am very passionate about.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for listening to my ramblings, I appreciate it and I hope you continue you follow my blogging journey (again). As I mentioned above, I have loads to share and I am devoting more time to this platform.