Love Poem

Love Poem

When I gave you my heart , I never thought you’d be the one to tear it apart.

We promised to be honest right from the start, but now it feels you’ve pierced my gift with a dart.

Twisting and turning it with your lies and deceit, having me believe our love was like concrete.

So solid and strong, able to take anything that came along.

Instead you were weak and stupid, leaving me having to have words with cupid.

I wish you never hurt me so bad, leaving me feeling so sad.

At least now you’ve had the courage to tell me the truth, but my heart now needs the proof.

For me to let you back in I have to be strong, to know you’ll never do me so wrong.

I feel so betrayed and humiliated, from this love we created.

As I hold back my fears and wipe away my tears, I know I can’t change what’s happened over the years.

Now I’ll think of myself and build a foundation that’s full of wealth, but first I’ll start looking after my health.

None of this will be a walk in the park, but it’s better that living in the dark.

I love to write poems but I don’t like to edit them too much so I just write whatever flows out of my mind and hand, to keep the raw feeling of what I was feeling at that time, even if it doesn’t completely rhyme.