Me, Me, Me // Self Love

Loving yourself isn’t egotistical, it’s called self love and knowing your worth. If you don’t love yourself, you will look to other people to love you and when they don’t love you the way you want to be loved, that’s when the self destruction starts. “Oh I’m not good enough, pretty enough” etc, etc. So do yourself a favour and give yourself the biggest gift you can give to your mind and heart on a daily basis – LOVE! No matter how you feel on the inside, just tell yourself how much you love yourself – everything you would want someone else to tell you. Shower yourself with compliments and then if someone else pays you some attention or throws a compliment your way throughout the day, well then that’s a bonus.

See if you notice a difference in yourself once you’ve started to pay attention to all the great things about yourself. Do you walk a little taller? With a better posture? Do you smile more? Do you pay less attention to others around you and comparing yourself to them? Do you notice more people gravitating towards you? Do you feel more focused? Do you have more energy? Do you have more confidence? Are you dressing differently?

If you have a slip up and think a negative thought towards yourself, so what, you’re only human. Let the thought pass and continue with the self love.

Just remember self love and self gratitude isn’t selfish, it’s probably one of the most selfless gifts you can give to yourself.

P.S. I’ve just noticed how many times I’ve used the word “yourself” but, I’m not going to change it because this is all about you and yourself. Sometimes it’s ok to be all me, me, me!