The Law of Attraction – Stop saying “I Want” and start saying “I Have!”

Here’s a great video I found on YouTube from YouAreCreators about the law of attraction and how to attract what you want in life by saying “I Have!” rather than “I Want”.

If you aren’t already on this spiritual journey of the law of attraction it can all sound a bit crazy, having to watch the words you say but the more you listen to these teachings and research the subject it all starts to make sense.

God, The Universe, Angels or whichever higher power you believe in, is listening to you. The example given in this video is that if you feel a lack you’re only going to attract a lack but if you feel abundance you will attract exactly that. When times are tough it’s really hard to believe in this but if you think about it, what does worrying about your problems really achieve? More worry, anxiousness and a pile of work that you can’t bring yourself to do. On the flip side if you have problems but tell yourself everything’s going to be ok, you find the courage to look beyond these issues and do the tasks and work required from you, which generally makes you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

So if you are constantly saying “I’m fat”, something or someone out there is listening to your thoughts and words and that’s how you’ll keep feeling. You’ll make poor food choices, not have the confidence to exercise and just feel negative about yourself. Yet if you say “I feel great” and put out there that you’re amazing – in a non egotistical way, that’s exactly the vibe you’ll be giving to the higher power out there and you’ll attract great things. Such as smiles and compliments from people, even from complete strangers, happiness from within  and within time positive opportunities will come your way.

It can all sound a bit crazy and weird if you’re not used to this kind of lifestyle but feeling happy and thinking good thoughts can’t be a bad thing and if you attract good things along the way then you can’t really lose.