Tara Stiles Yoga



(Image Sourse: Pinterest)

We here at Mindfully Mindful were extremely lucky to have met the wonderful Tara Stiles at the end of last year when she came to London to promote her new book “Make your own diet rules”. We’ve been following her journey for a while now and love how she promotes the art of yoga and healthy living – for both men and women. Her down to earth attitude and personality make her a great teacher who you can follow and learn from easily, without feeling intimidated.

If you’re looking to get into a more spiritual way of living or just want to add a bit of stretching and movement to your daily life then, practising Tara Stiles yoga routines by watching herĀ YouTube videos are a great starting point.

Her book is also a great read and very easy to follow, with fun recipes and yoga poses to try out.

Her moto is “make your own rules” so don’t be put off to do perfect poses, it’s all about going with the flow and listening to your body.