Why Holidays and Breaks Are Important

Beach Bag – New Look / Flip Flops – Primark

It’s June the 1st today and I’m at that point in my life where I need to leave England’s temperamental rainy weather for more predictable sunshine showers. I love me a good old beach holiday, I’m all about exploring the local city and cuisine but I’m equally all about that beach life. There’s just something magical about striping off into a two piece in another country where nobody knows you and you can be yourself, so you don’t really care who sees you parading your back fat and jiggly bits while you spread out on the sun lounger catching those rays, sipping on a cocktail, listening to your Spotify playlist, while you’re catching up on all the latest celebrity gossip in Cosmo. It’s the perfect way to switch off and recharge your batteries – I always come back from holiday with a different mindset and the energy to tackle all the measly tasks I’ve been putting off for the last six months. The combination of doing absolutely nothing for a week or so and opening your mind up to different cultures, people, foods and sunshine are definitely the best kind of therapy – doctors should prescribe holidays for all of us at least once a year!Yes that is a chip buttie with ketchup…if you can’t treat yourself on holiday then when else can you?! I had no shame eating that at the beach bar in my bikini! Life is for living and all that 🙂This is the beach at Le Royal Meridien Dubai – one of my favourite hotels and beaches in the world! My favourite place to be on the beach is on a sun lounger, relaxing and people watching – in a none creepy way of course! Sunsets have to be the most magical things ever created and I for one am a sucker for them! I can easily spend an evening on the beach just watching the sun go down, I’d happily make that part of my daily routine every day if I could. There’s just something so calming about being by the water, feeling the chill, seeing the evening set it. I always feel blessed when I see the sunset.  I love sunsets so much that I try to capture them any way I can! 😉