Blog Direction Part 2

Blog Direction Part 2: Following on from yesterdays post about which direction I want this blog to take, I started getting annoyed at myself for not getting into blogging sooner about five or six years ago when I was younger and more frivolous with my money because, then I’d have more to share when it comes to shopping hauls and things like that. Then I quickly gave myself an internal slap around the face (I’m sure that’s an actual thing you can do – like a stern telling off that physically hurts somehow…mmmm) and thought, yes I’ve done all that being wasteful with my money in my twenties and now that I’m in my thirties, thirty-two to be exact I can share how I’m more resourceful with my money.

My shopping and spending habits have definitely changed from my twenties, now I actually take the time to think about if I really NEED something rather than just WANT it. Yes that £50 jacket reduced from £120 is a bargain but do I really NEED another leather jacket when I have about four gathering dust in my wardrobe already? My twenty year old self would have pushed all the other shopaholics out of the way and said hell yeah I NEED it, and then proceed to list all the pros as to what’s so fabulous about it but, my more calm, sensible and mature thirty-two year old brain would be like “now why do you need ANOTHER black leather jacket when you already have a similar few, let’s just save the money to buy a smoothie maker!” Yes buying an electrical appliance over a piece of beautiful clothing actually makes my belly do somersaults now!

So even though I’m not a crazy shopaholic of random things that I don’t need anymore, I think the things that I do buy now add value to my life and will hopefully be things that you’re interested in too.

That’s enough thinking for now! Ta-ra for now 🙂