Mini Holland and Barrett Food Haul

I went for a three hour walk with THE BF yesterday as we both couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym. It was just so nice to get out in the fresh air and just chat about anything and everything. I love dipping in and out of conversations and feeling like we’ve had a good old catch up.

Well half way through our walk we both got peckish, can you imagine getting peckish half way through your gym workout and popping to the cafe to get yourself a mid workout snack? Please let me know if you’ve ever done this, it would totally make my day! Anyways, we popped into a shopping centre that was on the way and just went to Sainsburys to get some Unsweetened Almond Milk (we are obsessed with it) and then went to Holland and Barrett to get some healthy snacks.

Here’s my mini Holland and Barrett food haul, some Eat Real Quinoa Chips in sour cream and chives flavour, some Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbread in mungbean and chive flavour, some Neal’s Yard no added sugar chocolate buttons (which we munched on, on the rest of our walk) and then some The Vital Ingredient Italian Seasoning to add to soups and homemade pizzas.

It’s buy one get one half price on absolutely everything at H&B at the moment!