Daily Favourites: Simple Sundays

Favourite Treat

hotel chocolat supermilk puddleshotel chocolat dark ginger puddles

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned these before but I absolutely love chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I was looking for a treat to take to the cinema that wasn’t going to disappear before the film even started so I found these “puddles”. One called “Supermilk” which is milk chocolate but has less sugar than dark chocolate and the other is “Dark Ginger“. Both are really tasty and you will only end up eating a few as they are quite rich in flavour.

Favourite Quote

wayne dyer

Favourite Song

Loving this song today by Bleek Blaze ft Fetty Wap – Make You Smile but it doesn’t seem to have a video.

Favourite YouTuber

I found Hannah Martin from Bobbi Brown via the amazing Caroline Hirons and I love the fact that she’s started a YouTube channel where she shares her beauty and make up hints and tips.

Favourite Activity

Running! Yes that’s right I said running is my favourite activity – for today anyways as I ran 3 miles and found it my easiest run so far. My time isn’t great, it’s taking me roughly 30minutes to run 3 miles but I’m getting better and better with each run and it’s amazing for the mind. I feel like it’s a form of meditation and I finish feeling like I can conquer anything.