Dream Holiday Destination: Morocco


(Image Source: Google Images)


Marrakesh (Image Source: Google Images)


Agadir (Image Source: Google Images)


Tangier (Image Source: Google Images)


Morocco has always been a place that I have wanted to visit because it seems so full of culture and untouched from what I’ve seen in pictures.


When I was in Barcelona last summer I met a girl who was from Morocco and she really sold it to me, from her stories she made it sound like such a magical place. When I researched Morocco in the past I loved how traditional it seemed, a place where you can go forget about life for a while and remember why we are here on Earth. Marrakesh, Agadir and Tangier are the three cities I really want to visit.


Marrakesh is known as the “Red City” and seems like the place to immerse yourself in all the culture where I’ll visit museums, souks and riads. Agadir is where the beaches are so that’s where the relaxation will happen. The colours of Tangier look so amazing and inviting, that you would come away with so many amazing photos. There will be loads of architecture to see and enjoy in all three cities that there will be plenty to see and explore. Also the food, fresh fruits and vegetables cooked in amazing spices and dates for dessert!


Spring time in Morocco is April/May so I think that would be a great time to visit as it won’t be too hot or cold, just perfect weather to enjoy all the scenery.



Agadir, the Souss and Anti-Atlas

Tangier, Tetouan and the northwest