Daily Favourites: Sunday Times

Favourite Place

It had to be London today to support all the London Marathon runners especially my brother who was running my behalf of the Army Benevolent Fund. The atmosphere is amazing, we were cheering everyone on at St James Park and it’s so refreshing to see strangers supporting one anther and being positive towards each other.

london marathon

Favourite Drink

I used to be that person who would go to Starbucks just for the sake of going and I really stopped enjoying the drinks there so I made a pact with myself to only go if I really really want a drink from there or for social reasons. I think I’ve only been to Starbucks only once or twice this year and on the way back from meeting my brother at the marathon I had to wait 45 minutes for the train back home so treated myself to a Chai Tea Latte and I enjoyed it!


Favourite Beauty Product

Being in the city all day, touching handrails and being on the tube can be unhygienic so having some kind of hand sanitiser or hand wipe is a must and these Grab It ones I picked up from WHSmith are really nice and don’t dry out once you open the packet.


Favourite Clothing Item

The weather has a mind of its pwn here in the UK so I needed something lightweight to wear and picked up this oversized¬†Grey Collarless Waterfall Longline Cardigan from New Look in the sale. It’s long so it covers everything that needs to be covered and there’s enough room to wrap it around yourself if you feel cold.

new look Grey Collarless Waterfall Longline Cardigan

Favourite Quote