Dream Holiday Destination: Cappadocia Turkey


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hot air balloons cappadocia

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Capadocia Suites

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Years ago I read an article on someones blog about this magical place known as Cappadocia Turkey, where people wake up before sunrise to explore this fairytale land in hot air balloons.


It seems like it would be such nice romantic place to visit and it would be an amazing experience to be in a place which is so different from the norm of modern high buildings and busyness. From my research Cappadocia seems like a serene place, which is quite traditional and somewhere which is full of relaxation.


Göreme is the region where the hot air balloons come to life, so it would be a fantastic experience to see the sunrise from up in the air. I’d hike to see the volcanos, see the open air museums, explore the underground cities and I’d stay in one of the many cave hotels.


Late April seems to be a lovely time to visit Cappadocia when the flowers bloom (although I’m sure I’ll just see loads of rocks) and the weather is transitioning from cold to warm.