Daily Favourites: Sunday Vibes

Favourite Drink

As it’s Sunday I had more time to prepare my breakfast and went back to an old favourite of homemade juice. It can seem like hassle having to get the juicer out and all the cleaning that’s involved after but it’s totally worth it for a fresh juice. My go to juice this morning was very simple – carrot, orange and ginger. It’s the perfect pick me up when I’m feeling sluggish and it’s really good for my skin (I’ve been suffering with breakouts recently). You get your beta-carotene / vitamin A from the carrots which is amazing for the eyes and skin. You get vitamin C and good minerals from oranges such as potassium and calcium, which are great for your heart and teeth. Ginger is really good for long term health benefits and has been scientifically proven to help fight against cancer. You can also add in other ingredients like celery, spinach or cucumber for extra benefits. So if you’re looking to improve your skin from within try this Skin Glowing Juice, which will cost about ¬£1 to make.

glowing skin juice

Favourite Quote

I love quotes, they are the perfect pick me up when you need some kind of motivation. I came across this one on my Facebook feed and every word is true. As adults we tend to neglect ourselves and our feelings. (Unfortunately I don’t have a source of who this quote is by).


Favourite Tea

I love trying different teas and right now because I’m on a health kick with my skin I’m loving this Cleanse tea from Pukka. I really like the taste, I think the fennel adds a slight sweetness to the flavour, I’m guessing the nettle is the cleansing agent and the peppermint makes it taste nice and refreshing.

pukka tea

Favourite Perfume

With all the hype around the new Dior Poison Girl perfume, I dusted off one of my old favourites Dior Pure Poison – OMG this is one of my absolute favourite perfumes ever! I think I first bought this perfume when I was in my early twenties and about a decade later I’m still in love with it. It just makes me feel so grown up and special every time I use it not to mention really sophisticated. I also really love the bottle and the mother of pearl effect it has. It’s definitely an evening scent but I spritzed myself with it today while I was doing the housework just to feel a little bit glamourous¬†whilst I carried out my chores! Lol

christian dior pure poison

Favourite Website

I have spent the last hour browsing through the Anthropologie website. I just love everything this store has to offer, especially the homeware department. Be warned you may end up spending more time on here than you had anticipated!