Daily Favourites: The Gates Are Open

Favourite Number

I have been seeing certain numbers for a while now, it first started with seeing my date of birth everywhere – on my phone, the date, time, on emails it was just really random. Then I started seeing a load of other numbers like 911, 1234, 717 and mirror numbers such as 12:12, 13:13, 14:14, 17:17 but the one I see almost daily is 11:11. It happens all the time and I think it must be some kind of sign. My boyfriend has a theory of the number 11 being the opening of a gate and the universe has given me a sign that I’m ready to enter – I like that theory. If you see numbers wherever you go and are fascinated by them, there are a few websites out there that interpret the meanings Doreen Virtue and Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers.

angel numbers 1111

Favourite Song

I love music by Mike Posner, this is my fav since Cooler Than Me

Favourite Facebook Page

I randomly joined this Facebook page a few weeks ago and today there was a lovely story about someone who carried out a random act of kindness, in my hometown! I could only capture this much of the story and image on my phone but if you’re interested check out Love What Matters page.

facebook page

Favourite Meal

Dinner! My boyfriends my made this deceiving looking dish, I thought it was vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese but it was egg free noodles and some kind of curry with vegetables covered in chickpea flour. It was so tasty! I’ll have to try and get the recipe and share it on here.


Favourite Quote

How lovely is this quote?! It just made me smile that I had to share it.