Daily Favourites: Treat Day Tuesday

Favourite Restaurant

So I woke up craving spicy pasta! I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head and made it up to 4pm until I totally caved in so I started researching where I could go in my local town to fill this desire. I’m obsessed with the Arrabiata pasta at Vapiano’s, it just hits the spot each and every time but I just couldn’t justify going in to the city for a pasta on a school night but I think I’ve found a good substitute with this Turbo Penne Arrabiata at Jamie’s Italian. I’ve never been to Jaime’s before so I researched the menu (yes I totally did that) and I’m glad I did firstly because I found my dish and secondly I signed up to their Gold Club which meant me and my friends got free starters AND £10 off our bill! We all had a drink and a full main course and it cost us £8.58 each which is actually less than the price of the pasta! The vibe in the Bluewater branch is really nice and chilled, they play great music and the waitresses were all really lovely!

mushroom starter

turbo penne arrabiata

Favourite Drink

Free green tea at Waitrose – my rule is only to get a free drink if I’m making a purchase.

Favourite Treat

Since I was getting a free drink from Waitrose I picked up this Green and Blacks Mint and Dark chocolate bar. It’s organic and really tasty, I added to my favourite items to buy on their website which means I get 20% whenever I purchase it! (I’m such a savvy shopper lol!).

green and blacks

Favourite Beauty Product

I treated myself to a few items from Lancome the other day as I had a gift card to use, I’ve never used this brand before but it’s been on my radar for a while. I only wanted a mascara but Boots were doing a promotion where you get a mini lip product and eye make up remover in the box, when you buy two items or more. I’ve been using the Bi-Facil eye cleanser for a few days and it does a great job of removing mascara and it doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes either which is a bonus, just remember to shake the bottle to activate the formula.

bi-facil lancome

Favourite Song

An old classic Destiny’s Child Say My Name.