Daily Favourites: YouTube Thursday

Here’s a round up of my top 5 YouTube channels that I’ve been watching throughout the day.

Favourite YouTube Channel StyleLikeU

This channel was in my YouTube recommended list and it’s a really inspirational channel, dealing with issues such as body image and self acceptance.

Favourite YouTube Channel That Vegan Couple

I find this channel quite informative for tips on how to become vegan, even though their passion may come across quite harsh and direct sometimes.

Favourite YouTube Channel Evan Carmichael

A great channel for creativity and inspiration, with great guests.

Favourite YouTube Channel Chase Jarvis

This is another great channel for creativity, inspiration and business which also features really inspirational guests.

Favourite YouTube Channel Sikh Helpline

I love learning about all religions and for some reason today I really wanted to watch something about Sikhism. I found this great channel that explains the stories in English – these kinds of stories take me back to my childhood.