Daily Favourites: Mindful Tuesday

Favourite Quote

‘Law of Attraction: when you truly want something and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief, the Universe will make it happen.’


Favourite Teacher

For some reason I never used to connect with Tony Robins, no matter how hard I┬átried and wanted to listen to his teachings but recently it’s like my brain has finally clicked and totally gets everything he is saying. Some very inspirational life lessons from this guy and this video is one that I love coming back to for a pick me up.

Favourite Beauty Product

I’m loving this body brush from the Sanctuary spa, which is great for dry body brushing. Dry body brushing is great for improving circulation and improving the quality of the skin. I like to do it before I have a shower and the trick is to work from your toes upwards towards your heart.


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Favourite Song

Absolutely love this song, an updated version of the original by Tracy Chapman.

Favourite Gadget

I recently bought this Brita water filter from Amazon for my office and it’s been really good for making me get up and drink more water during the day.

brita filter