Dream Holiday Destination: Punjab India




My motherland India! Can you believe that I haven’t been back to beautiful India since 2004! It seems so crazy to me that I’ve left such a long gap since I last went, especially as I used to visit every summer when I was growing up, sometimes even twice a year. One of the reasons I haven’t been back in so long is because most of the family I used to visit and stay with have all emigrated overseas.


I think about going to India all time, to visit my family, go to all the temples and for the shopping. In hindsight I took India for granted when I was growing up, as rude and egotistical it is to say I saw it as an unclean place which was lacking all the amenities and comforts from home but I crave that simple life so much right now, it’s amazing how much you can change as you grow and experience different things in life.


Punjab is where my family is from so this is the area I would visit. I’d fly from London Gatwick to New Delhi (even though Amritsar airport is closer to where my family is from) and I’d get a luxury coach which serves food – yes a coach which serves food how amazing is that! I’d take in all the sites on the way until I reach my family’s home in Jalandhar. Throughout my stay I’d visit loads of temples, I just love how spiritual this country is and you really do feel it when you’re there and the effects last for a long time when you return back home to the west – especially the Golden Temple also known as Harmandir Sahib, I’d eat loads of fresh home cooked vegetarian curry’s with in season produce and I’d shop till I drop and get custom outfits made. Oh and I’d fit in visiting family somewhere lol!


I’ve been in August before and it’s too hot to even leave the house until the sun goes down so you spend most of your time in doors. I’ve also been in April which gets hot too but it’s still bearable and you are able to go out and explore. If I were to go I’d go in November, when my parents went last year they said the temperature was perfect t shirt weather, which means you are actually able to enjoy yourself and not get frustrated from sweating all day long!

(I wrote a little blog post about India in the past which you can find here).



Haryana and Punjab