Daily Favourites: Bank Holiday Sunday

Favourite View

Not the prettiest of views but this is what I saw after running 3.8 miles today. My timing wasn’t great, (here come the excuses) it took me 40 minutes but it was so bliming hot today and I have bit of a flu coming on BUT the main thing is, is that I didn’t give up even when I wanted to. I’m running on behalf of the British Heart Foundation, completing 26.2 miles through out the month May.



Favourite Photo

I walk past this house everyday but have never noticed this tree until today and to me it looks like someone upside down with their legs up in the air!

funny tree photo

Favourite Meal

I’ve not done too bad this weekend making healthy home cooked meals and this one was delicious. Quinoa with turmeric, masala chickpeas and sweet potato. Eaten on the sofa with the laptop whilst doing some work.

quinoa chickpeas sweet potato

Favourite Inspirational Person

I really like John Assaraf‘s work – he takes you back to basics like when we were children and were able to manifest exactly what we wanted. When I was on my run today I was thinking of my boyfriends family in Birmingham, just randomly as he hasn’t mentioned them is a while and in the evening they were at his house as they had come to London for a wedding! It’s really strange but shows me how powerful our minds and thoughts are.┬áThis video is really good and inspirational, I really enjoyed it and think you will too.

Favourite Song

I’m loving Drake‘s new album and my favourite song so far has to be One Dance, mainly for this one line “strength and guidance, all that I’m wishing for my friends”.

I can’t find the official video for this song, there are mainly people signing cover versions.

I’m really liking this Conor Maynard cover of the song.