Getting A Goodnight’s Sleep

  I got myself into a horrible habit of  wearing old pyjamas which were way past their wear by date or old tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts usually made their my into my bed at night. So I recently treated myself to some new pyjamas courtesy of Primark and it got me thinking about how to get a goodnight’s sleep.

Here are some things I do to get me off to la la land…

1) Having a nice dinner a few hours before bed, nobody wants to go to bed hungry and even worse is lying in bed whilst your belly is grumbling and making loud “feed me” noises.

2) A soothing bath is the best feeling before bed, especially when you’ve got nothing else planned for the evening but relaxation and “me” time. I like to fill the bath up with some smellies which are usually lavender scented from Lush, L’Occitane or Molton Brown, light some candles, put my favourite show or YouTuber on and just switch off from the day.

3) Wearing good quality sleep wear really does make difference to how I personally feel around bed time. It’s probably a mind thing but I associate my sleepwear with feeling relaxed and going to bed.

4) A calming hot drink usually makes me feel all cozy and relaxed. I rarely have dairy but warm milk and a banana is a nice treat to have before bed but I usually have a herbal tea of some sort like camomile tea and I love the Clippers and Twinings brands. I definitely avoid coffee at least six hours before bed, otherwise I’m jumping off the walls and buzzing with ideas and can’t switch off.

5) I know a lot of us have trouble putting our phones away especially at bed time. It’s so easy to spend the last few minutes before snoozing off catching up on social media but, I’ve realised when I do that it over stimulates my brain and I can’t sleep, which means I don’t sleep well and wake up feeling rubbish. So I’ve invested in some books to take me off to fantasy land and I’ve really found that reading an actual physical book (so old skool I know) makes me tired and I have a really good sleep.

I hope these tips help you have an amazing nights sleep, if you have any other good tips feel free to comment below!