Jealousy Is A Lousy Feeling!


We’ve all been there, that horrible feeling of being jealous of other people. It could be because of what they’ve achieved in their lives, the way they look, the things they have, their personality blah blah blah, the list is endless. When that green eyed monster appears it’s the worst feeling in the world because you become so self destructive and negative about yourself and other people.

The feelings of “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not where I need to be in my life compared to so and so” start kicking in and stop you in your tracks putting yourself ten steps behind, when you were doing just fine and didn’t even realise it. Then there’s an even worse feeling, which is feeling jealousy towards someone and then breaking down their character through fault finding – seriously what is that going to achieve, apart from bad karma for yourself for feeling and spreading that negative energy!

Being and feeling jealous of someone else’s life and success really isn’t going to make your life any better or happier, in fact it’s going to have the opposite effect and will leave you feeling bitter and miserable – that’s no way to live this gift of a life.

We all have our own personal journeys on this earth, yes some do have it tougher than others and things don’t always come as easily to some of us but, put a positive spin on it and enjoy the journey and life lessons along the way. I know this can be hard especially when you’re hustling day in and day out but the sooner you see each rejection and obstacles as gifts and a path to a new direction the easier it will become to understand and handle each lesson.

You’re only human and you’re bound to feel some kind of emotion towards the success of other people, be it envy or jealousy but that’s ok because it just shows you want more for your life. So use these people and their successes as motivation for yourself – turn your jealousy into admiration!

For example if you like that someone you feel “admiration” for is driving a brand new Mercedes car, look at what they do to achieve that. Chances are you’re only seeing the end results of all the hardwork they are putting into their daily grind. They most probably wake up really early, when it’s dark outside whilst you’re still tucked up in your cozy bed, running from meeting to meeting, eating on the go, working long hours and getting little sleep.

I’m definitely guilty of feeling envious and jealous of people but, I’ve learnt not to put my energy into feeling negative about others or myself but instead, to work on myself inside and out – to feel more confident which in turn makes me work harder to achieve my goals.

The clue is in the word jea-lousy – jealousy is a LOUSY feeling so don’t do it or feel it!

Positive vibes only! Have a great day!