October Favourites


As the month comes to an end I thought I’d share my thoughts on some products I have enjoyed using throughout the month of October.

My first beauty favourite is this amazing Diptyque body balm in L’Ombre Dans Eau, which I’ve been using as a hand cream this month. It’s only the 10ml size which I was given as a freebie from the Covent Garden store when I bought some perfumes. I had never tried any of their beauty products before and have really enjoyed using this balm, firstly because it smells amazing and secondly because a little goes a long way so, it’s perfect to keep in the handbag or even in your pocket.¬†L’Ombre Dans Eau is one of my favourite scents from this brand as it reminds me of an Indian sweet which is given out at festivities. (Excuse the pink stain on my little tube as it must have rubbed on another product in my bag, ooops).

Next up is Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in the colour Cherry Me, it has a slight pink stain to the colour which adds a nice shine to the lips. For me it’s a product that I’ve been using daily as it’s so easy to apply and reapply after eating and drinking which is great for daily use and not having to worry about the pressure of needing a mirror to make sure it’s been applied perfectly. Another plus to this product is that it’s as cheap as chips and is available on the high street from Boots or Superdrugs.

Something I’m loving in the tech world are the Apple Airpods which have been a staple in my life since I was gifted them for my birthday. When they first were introduced to the world I didn’t think they would be something I would use as I thought they looked odd just hanging from the ear but boy was I wrong. I love using them when I’m on long walks to listen to music and podcasts and they are so perfect for the gym. Especially when doing lunges or any exercise that requires your hands to be free, I just leave my phone on the side whilst doing jumps, squats and sprints whilst listening to something motivational. Yes they are a pricey investment but they are so small that you can keep them in your pocket (seems like I have a thing about putting things in my pocket) and being wireless means not having to waste time detangling wires. I also love the fact that they can be charged using the same charger as the iPhone.

I’m usually about sophisticated and chic purses but for my birthday this year whilst in Boxpark Shoreditch I came across this bright and fun purse from Tatty Divine with WIN written across the front in large glittery silver letters. I just love how quirky and fun it is and I feel good taking it out to pay for things in shops. Sometimes it’s good to try new things and step away from your comfort zone.

I know this is probably an unusual favourite to have but I’m so in love with this Ellepi Stapler KLIZIA stapler I found in Papersmiths Boxpark. It was the colour that first drew me to it, I just love mustard yellow, it’s definitely my favourite colour and then the shape was so interesting to me. I also love the fact that the staple are so little and the fact it looks¬†aesthetically pleasing is another bonus.

It’s been a while since I haven’t been able to put a book down so I have to mention “The Boy with the Topknot” by Sathnam Sanghera as my book favourite this month. I just wasn’t able to put it down, maybe because it’s about someone with a Punjabi background like myself. The author deals with religion, family and mental health issues in such a sensitive manner which makes each chapter more and more interesting to read. I managed to read the book in three days and wanted to before the film comes out on November 13th on BBC2.

My favourite YouTuber this month has to be Marie Forleo, she’s such a babe! I used to watch her so much when she first launched her channel and in the last year for some reason she got lost in my YouTube subscriptions but I found her again and I find her and her content even more appealing and inspiring than before. She discusses topics such as business, motivation, creativity as well as a variety of other topics. She’s also vlogging now too and it’s so interesting to see the behind the scenes of her life, she really does motivate and inspire me to go after my dreams.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the things I’ve enjoyed this October!