Wise Wednesdays – Keeping a Positive Mindset LOA

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I’ve recently started practising “The Law of Attraction” in my daily routine and I’ve chosen to do this consciously, meaning I’m being mindful about my thoughts. It’s so easy to get caught up in a negative way of thinking when things aren’t working out or going to plan but it’s so important not to go down this slippery road because your subconscious mind picks up on this and without realising, it becomes a habit to thinking this way.

I know it can be hard to put a positive way of thinking into practice especially when you feel like your life is swirling out of control but it’s valuble to try, even if it’s starting with baby steps.

When I’m not feeling particularly glamorous I hate catching my reflection in a mirror or shop window but in my new positive way of thinking if I’m in this situation I tell myself how good I look, it may not always be the way I’m feeling and I know LOA works on feelings but the more I can be positive the quicker my subconscious will start believing it.

I personally find it quite easy to manifest and attract the small things in life for example if I want a coffee, someone around me will generally suggest going for a coffee or if I’m having a certain food craving it will usually be what we are having for dinner at home, even if I haven’t verbally communicated this to anyone. It’s crazy how the power of the mind can make certain things happen and appear, this is why I am really trying to think about the thoughts my mind is having and the words my mouth speaks.

Practising gratitude is another thing I put in to action recently as being happy about the things I have, do and own will attract more of the same. I do this by either writing down in a gratitude diary (just a notebook) or my speaking out aloud all the things I’m grateful for or even in meditation. The universe always gives you more of what you like. Having said that I’m still trying to make it give me more money as I really like money! I like that money can make my life easier and give me the freedom to be more creative and expressive with my time and knowledge.

Social media is an area of my life I have tried cleaning up as these are platforms people generally use to showcase the best parts of their lives and sometimes, actually more often than not the fake part of their lives. Pictures are posted and statues are created to make their lives seem better than they really are. I know this is true at least 75% of the time on my Instagram as I primarily follow fashion models and probably 50% of my Facebook is like this, although for me this is a truer platform as my friends on there are people I have known personally in my life. However, seeing certain posts may make me compare my life to others, especially when I haven’t reached the milestones that others are accomplishing, which is really unhealthy for my mind.

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If having a healthier mind is something you are looking for as well as more manifesting powers start off by incorporating a few of these practices in to your daily routine:

  1. Turn all negative words in your vocabulary in to positive ones, for example instead of saying “I can’t do that” change it to ” I will give it my best.”
  2. Don’t think bad thoughts towards yourself or others, pay compliments to yourself and other people.
  3. Practice gratitude on a daily basis, if you find this a difficult task then to start off with look around your surroundings and give thanks to the things and people around you. You will eventually begin to build on this practice without even realising and you will start being grateful to and for things you may once have taken for granted.
  4. Remove all negativity from your life, people in your life, on social media, things you own that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy.

Positive influencers I enjoy listening to on YouTube or whose teachings I follow are Jack Canfield, Rev Ike, Dr Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and Esther Hicks to name a few.

I hope these tips help in having a positive mindset and attracting a better life for yourself.

Image Source: Pinterest