Quick Office Snack

When I’m staying late in the office I often need a little snack before I head home to have some dinner. My go to snack is usually avocado on protein bread (I love the Profusion brand and I get mine off Amazon), oh my lord is it delicious and filling and the main thing is that it’s quick and easy to make. While I get up to have a quick loo break and stretch my legs, I pop the bread in the toaster and whilst that’s doing its thing, I mush up the avocado, add some pepper and chilli flakes to it, spread it over the toast and voilĂ  it’s ready, simple as that! It literally takes 5 minutes to make and about a minute to scoff down! I get some carbs in with the bread and some good fats with the avocado, which gives me some extra energy to plough through my work. P.S. Apologises for the unprofessional pictures, I took them on my iPhone whilst eating my delicious snack! Oooops!