Still figuring things out

I’ve been really ill this last week with a fever, the type where you feel like you’re a magnet to your bed, yet you can’t sleep all night and feel like a zombie when it’s time to wake up.

All this has really played with my mind, making me anxious and creatively blocked. It’s a really scary not to feel anything – like I’m empty inside but I’ve put it down to my fever.

I even used the old wives take of “feeding the fever” and went as far as having a vegetarian meal from McDonalds. It’s all a myth – it didn’t make me feel any better, like when you can sometimes eat a tasty meal and feel satisfied – nothing is hitting the “spot” right now, not even a naughty treat so I’m guessing I need to heal from within.

This emptiness has got me thinking about my life and all the projects I’ve got going on, like this blog. I still haven’t got a good system going of how I want this blog to operate – I have so many ideas and every intention of writing daily and sharing things that interest me, yet I don’t do it but I know it’s because of fear of not having a strategy or a template of how and what I will post.

So I was thinking, because I’m the type of person that likes to know what’s happening I need a style and a system. I love writing monthly favourites because it’s a focused topic so I’m going to use that as a template and will do daily or weekly favourites. I think this will work because I’m constantly saving things like quotes and things that inspire me on my phone and no one gets to see that stuff with me so, it makes sense to share it on my blog.

I myself like reading blogs that seem to have a structure to them and I want the same for my readers. I don’t want to be that blogger (which I have been so far) that posts randomly every so often and then goes MIA for months on end and then decides to show up and expect people to care. I want to build an amazing community here on my blog and have content that serves a purpose and is worthy of peoples time.

Please bear with me while I figure this whole blogging thing out but I’d love for you to stick with me on this journey because I really feel like this will be something amazing if I nurture it the way my heart and gut is telling me to.