Travel Thursdays: Thailand

(All images are courtesy of Google Images).

Who hasn’t been to Thailand? ME! It was never on my radar even though almost every single person I know personally has been and absolutely loved it. However, at this present moment it’s a place I can’t stop thinking about and am itching to get to.

Because I’ve never really researched Thailand as a country I don’t know exactly where I want to go. Through listening to friends, family, people on the telly and YouTube I’ve picked up on places I should visit.

First up would be Chiang Mai in the north of the country, it’s not a place most people initially think of visiting but it’s a popular location amongst the vegan community. From my understanding it’s located within the countryside where fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available, hence why it’s a place people with a vegan diet and lifestyle flock to. I think it would be somewhere I would really enjoy visiting, for the fresh fruit and fresh air.

Next up would be the capital Bangkok for the nightlife, vibrant street life, markets and maybe even a cheeky visit to a Ping Pong Bar.

Koi Samui is known for its beautiful beaches, which would be super exciting to visit. From the pictures I’ve seen online it just seems like such a serene place to visit, clear waters and waterfalls seem so appealing.

Where else is good to visit in this colourful and dynamic country?