Wise Wednesdays: Plant The Seeds You Want To See Grow

I absolutely love this quote and think it’s so important to quit the negative self talk we do because whether you like it or not your subconscious mind picks up on that and before you know it, you’re believing all the bad things you’ve programmed your mind to think without even realising.

Think back to being childlike even if you didn’t always have the best childhood, I bet you dreamt about all the things you wanted at that point in your life and all the things you wanted to do, be and see when you were older. As children we have a magical mindset that only really allows us to see what is possible and self doubt rarely kicks in because we don’t really know or understand what that is.

As we start to grow older we are told by our elders that we mustn’t do this and that because it’s not good for us, or we can’t have a certain something because there’s lack of money and it’s words like that that get planted in our minds and over years and years of hearing this way of thinking and watering these negative words these beliefs grow. Whereas if you were only ever told yes and were given everything you ever wanted or dreamt of, you would only ever think everything is possible. Some people who have experienced lack or negativity would call this being spoilt but a positive person who only ever thinks optimistically would call this being determined, knowing that you have can have anything you think of, be it good or bad.

Nothing happens over night, it may take months or even years to make magic happen but it’s never too late to rewire the way you think and make beautiful flowers bloom.

If you want to travel the world don’t start worrying about the money and how you will afford it, get excited and list all the countries and places you want to visit and the reasons why.

If you want to write a book don’t think it’s been done before or that you aren’t creative enough, just start writing.

Anything you want to do or have, you can, you just have to feel that you can do it, achieve it and deserve it. We get things when we can feel them, like when you get butterflies in the pit of your belly when something or someone excites you.

I wrote a similar post a few weeks ago about keeping a positive mindset, practising gratitude and changing “can’t” to “can” which you can read here.