Aluminium Free Deodorants

I was always a Dove or Sure kinda gal when it came to my underarm hygiene routine but since I’ve been taking note of what I put in my body, I thought I should start taking care of what I put on my body too. I love the way most of the big brand deodorants smell but recently they haven’t really been doing their job for me – not that I’m smelly or anything! So a few months ago I started looking into “healthier” products to slather on my pits and I’ve found three aluminium free deodorants so far that I have used and have been pleasantly pleased with.

1) The first product I tried was Crystal Spring Salt of the Earth Deodrant which I bought from Holland and Barrett. I’ve used both the spray version (£3.79) and the roll on (£4.99) but the only thing is, you have to use it while your arm pits are wet so it’s best to use it straight after a shower or you can wet the roll on before applying it. It was unscented so didn’t really have a smell to it which made it kind of boring but it did it’s job and kept me feeling fresh throughout the day. My score for this product is 5/10 it was ok, I didn’t like putting it on while I was wet and the no smell was just a bit dull for me.

(Image Source: Google Images)

2) The second product I tried was LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla ($8) from Sephora and it’s amazing! Smells good, goes on nicely and lasts all day unless I was running around like a crazy lady and then I may have needed a top up but overall an amazing product. My score for this product is 8/10.

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant

(Image Source: Sephora website)

3) Lastly is the Citrus Verbena Deodorant Stick from L’Occitane (£14) which I am currently using and I have to say it is definitely my favourite product out of all three. Even though it’s pretty pricey for a roll on, I’m prepared to pay that little bit extra for a product that’s free from aluminium, parabens and alcohol and it’s made by a company whose morals are all about not using toxins in their products. It has such a lovely lemony fragrance to it and it just glides its way on and it leaves me feeling fresh all day and getting a whiff of it on me makes me smile! My score for this product is 10/10. I have been using it for a couple of months now and there’s nothing I can fault it for.


(Image Source: L’Occitane website)