Quick and Easy Homemade Healthy Salad

Healthy eating is my thing right now, I’m paying attention to what I put into my body (my body is my temple and all that) because, I’ve just been feeling really sluggish and tired lately and also because I need to shift a few pounds.¬†

I try to make as much of my own food as possible just so I know that there’s no hidden rubbish going in that’s going to make me feel bleurgh but, when I’m feeling lazy I love going to Pret and getting their salad boxes, they are my absolute favs! But they seriously burn a hole in my wallet so I thought I’d get creative and replicate them and make my own version with this quick and easy homemade healthy salad¬†– my Fake Pret Salad!

I just do a little supermarket shop of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado to make the base of the salad which I find is really filling but, you can add anything else you want to it like chicken, quinoa or humous – just whatever takes your fancy really!

P.S. Sorry for the dodgy filter I’ve used, I was trying to be all fancy!