Self Care: Coping with a fever

Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Pinterest

It’s 7pm on a Saturday evening and I’ve been in my pyjamas all day feeling sorry for myself with a fever, which means I missed out on the hottest day we’ve had so far in the UK this year!

I went to bed with aches and pains last night, which I put down to my 5k run, first one after two months off. I had the worst night of tossing and turning and eventually woke up at midday in a pool of sweat, not attractive at all!

At first I felt guilty for not going on a run or exercising and for not being able to do all the jobs I’ve been putting off since the beginning of the year, funny how we want to do everything when we cant, but don’t do the tasks when we can, but then I thought there’s absolutely nothing I can do so I might as well lap up the “ME” time.

I’ve spent the day un showered in my pyjamas, laying on the sofa, napping, eating jam on toast, drinking tea whilst catching up on youtube videos and blogs that I haven’t read in a while.

The only form of medicine I have taken is Lemsip, which always helps when I’m feeling achy or have a head cold.

I found drinking water quite hard, so I’ve been drinking warm water with lemon in it for a bit of flavour – which is really important to keep hydrated especially when you’re sweating it out.

My top tips for coping with a fever are…

  1. don’t be hard on yourself or feel guilty for taking the time out to rest
  2. keep hydrated by drinking water, lemon water or tea
  3. keep yourself occupied by reading or watching tv so you’re not focusing on feeling unwell
  4. eat something, whatever your taste buds fancy and don’t feel guilty for eating something you wouldn’t usually have like sugar – it’s more important to recover
  5. if you’re feeling really sick and unwell take some form of medicine like Lemsip or Panadol – but consult your doctor or pharmacist beforehand