How to recover from the Easter indulgences

easter chocolate

Did you overindulge this Easter weekend? Need help recovering? Well we are here to the rescue!

  1. firstly don’t be so hard on yourself, you indulged in some nice food and chocolate bunnies for a few days – treats are a good thing
  2. be happy and grateful that you are in a position to eat and drink nice things in abundance
  3. start your day off with a detoxing lemon and hot water drink to flush out all the toxins
  4. if you’re up to it after an intense weekend get some exercise in, if you can’t face that then some stretching, just to wake the body up
  5. eat a hearty breakfast so you don’t pick at left over chocolates, my go to breakfast is porridge topped with banana for that extra slow releasing energy
  6. have snacks prepared – fruit and nuts are always a good thing to have nearby so you feel like you are constantly grazing (because you’ve probaly been doing that all weekend on chocolate)
  7. keep hydrated, after a weekend of eating and drinking everything and anything your body is probably crying out for hydration – water, lemon water, herbal teas are always good things to reach for rather than caffeine and sugary drinks which will usually zap your energy after the initial pick me up
  8. lastly move – make excuses to get up, stretch your legs, offer to run errands just so you get some fresh air and show the body you mean business and aren’t going to let it be lazy and sluggish

I hope these tips help! In the comments section let me know how you recover from overindulging.