Happy New Year // 15 Things I Realised In 2015

sunset 2015
sunset 2015

Happy New Year! It’s the first full week since the new year arrived and I hope you’ve all been having a blast so far! I myself have been pretty hard on myself, which has resulted in panic attacks and anxiety but I’m glad I got myself out of it before I made the situation any worse. All because I didn’t start everything I wanted to on the very first day of the year – exercise, projects, etc etc. Crazy I know!

Before 2015 ended I reflected on the year, making two lists – one of things I realised throughout the year and another of my highlights. Now seems like a good time to share…

“15 Things I Realised In 2015″…

  1. life’s too short to care about what people think of me – wear what I want and do what I want (but always be a nice, kind person in the process!)
  2. if people hurt me (emotionally) forgive them and don’t hold onto a grudge – it’s a poison that will only hurt me more than them. Plus if someone has something negative to say to me, it’s their issue not mine
  3. work hard and show up – even if it feels like nothing is changing, it eventually will
  4. it’s never too late to do anything, don’t let age, weight, skill set hold me back
  5. make memories – take pictures, meet people, go places
  6. travel and see more of the world
  7. plan things, dream, imagine, visualise and manifest
  8. read more books
  9. only think positive thoughts but forgive myself if negativity creeps in
  10. take care of myself, mentally and physically – exercise, stretch, wear nice clothes and make up, laugh, smile and have fun
  11. be happy for other people
  12. take me time – be alone with myself, go on walks, have a bath, go to a gallery
  13. have some hobbies – knitting, art, blogging
  14. declutter – make space for new things to enter my life
  15. be passionate and love my life – every experience good and bad has taught me a lesson of some kind

Feel free to comment below and share what kind of things you realised in 2015.