Listen To Your Body

So I was talking to THE BF about my frustration with my annoying adult acne and the first thing this clever man said to me was “to think of it as your body talking to you” and PING a light bulb went off on my little pea size head. He was right, I’m so lucky, yes lucky that I still get acne at the grand age of thirty two because, it means my body is sending me messages to look after myself. It obviously doesn’t like certain foods I’m feeding myself and its acting out in an aggressive way to show me that I need to make changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Acne is incredibly annoying and we all associate it with teenagers but as adults we still have over active hormones and as much as it’s embarrassing at least at this age we have the life experience, knowledge and self confidence to make positive changes.

It’s so easy to go to the doctor and go on antibiotics or the pill (which I have done) and they are great when you’re at your wits end and are so desperate but they are only a short term resolution to this horrid problem. The real work comes from within – the way you feel and what you feed your body.

Things you can do to listen to your body:


Eating well is probably the biggest change that can be made when helping our bodies to get rid of toxins that build up within us and cause breakouts. Less sweets and sugary treats and more fruit and vegetables is the way forward. Whenever it’s possible try to make your own food as there are hidden ingredients in pre-made and processed foods that aren’t good for us.


Water, water, water, you can’t get enough of this good stuff. It’s natural so why wouldn’t it be good for us?! If you struggle to guzzle down this gift from nature then add some lemon or fruit to your water for some flavour. Fizzy drinks and fruit juices really aren’t good for us, they are fully of sugar and food colourings. If you fancy a sweet treat make yourself a smoothie or fresh juice and add fresh fruits to the mix.


We are all generally hygienic individuals but there are always other small changes that can be made to help the skin healing process further. A few ideas are to change and wash towels and pillow cases more often, always remove your makeup before bed (a tedious task I know) and don’t pick spots no matter how irritating they are.


Stress definitely makes an impact on these negative changes within our bodies so this is one area that needs to be addressed, easier said than done I know but exercise, yoga, meditation or even counselling are good stress busters.

I hope these little tips help with tackling those horrid guests that appear unannounced and remember to always listen to your body and the signs it is giving you!