Sharing Sundays: Self Sabotage

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We’ve all been there, had amazing ideas, mapped it all out in our minds, got goose bumps and butterflies and then completely talked ourselves out of it by saying things such as “I can’t do it”, “I’m not good enough” or “people will judge me”.

It’s normal to go through all of these emotions when you’re trying to do something new, it’s like doing a pros and cons list but we shouldn’t let our minds talk us out of doing things and sabotage our creativity over mindless thoughts. I do it all the time I must have written at least three or four blog posts in the past saying that I’m back and I’ll be more consistent with posting and then when it comes to putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in this case, I get caught up in my own mind telling myself that my ideas are rubbish and no one will read anyways so stop wasting time! How are we meant to achieve anything if we constantly listen to that annoying little voice in our minds, we need to know when and when not to listen to it – hard job I know.

The reason I’m sharing this post is because my brother was writing his dissertation for uni yesterday and had got all worked up telling himself that he can’t do it, his research wasn’t relevant and al his work was rubbish, when in-fact it was the complete opposite. He knew exactly what he wanted to discuss and explore as well as having all the relevant books and resources to guide him along his eight thousand word journey. He just needed the guidance and reassurance that he was on the right track – this was the same advice a lot of the dissertation websites also gave. I guess that’s what most of us need in life too, someone we trust who is there to listen to our ideas and tell us we are heading in the right direction before we decide to pack it all in and give up.

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Another reason for writing this post is because it made me think of my own work with this blog. Up until this point of blogging (sparingly) over the last two years or so I’ve just spoken about things that have been on my mind, without any real objective apart from being mindful. So I think I need to ask myself some questions…

What is the purpose of this blog? What am I trying to discuss, discover, explore or share?

I’m excited to take my blog into an actual direction with the content I share. As I absolutely love fashion, beauty, health, food and fitness I see myself exploring and delving into these topics but from a more ethical point of view.

Never think what you are doing isn’t good enough because you won’t know until you try and if you fail it’s a learning curve.