Still Time To Set Yourself Some New Year Goals // Chinese New Year

vision board for mindfully mindful

Just because it’s no longer January 1st it doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself some goals for the new year, in fact you can set yourself new year goals on any day of the year and January 25th seems like a blooming good day to take on the task.

I’ve mentioned before about how hard I am on myself about setting goals and starting fresh on the 1st of January and then getting anxious and disappointed with myself when I fail at this. So I’m learning to relax and see each day as a fresh start, it sounds corny and cliche to say that but it’s true and one of the best ways to start achieving success.

I used to be that annoying person who had to start new things like diets on the first of a month or on a Monday, which I think is a classic day for most people. But, the older and wiser I have gotten I have realised to just start no matter what day or date it is.

So, if you’ve not yet exercised this year, or cut down on your sugar intake or stopped smoking, get started now! I don’t mean literally if you don’t want to but, start thinking about it, write down what you want to achieve and start feeling how you want to feel once you put these things in to motion. It’s all about the feeling, think about how you’re going to feel once you start exercising and start fitting into all them clothes you’ve bought and just hung up in the wardrobe – pretty damn sexy and confident hey! And what about all the money you’re going to save when you cut down or completely stop smoking – you could treat yourself to a holiday!

Dream and get excited about how your goals will change your life for the better.

Let’s do this, write down our goals, make a vision board, daydream about them, get excited about them, give them a trial run for the next few weeks and then really get stuck into them on the Chinese New Year which is on February 8th 2016! It’s all about second chances!

So here goes…

“My 16 goals and ambitions for 2016″…

  1. be more creative
  2. find an exercise I’ll enjoy doing everyday
  3. meditate more
  4. go to bed earlier and wake up earlier
  5. travel around the world and discover fun and cool places
  6. network and meet great influential people
  7. be happy and laugh daily
  8. read more books
  9. eat healthy and nourishing food
  10. self care
  11. grow and expand all my projects and businesses
  12. drink more water
  13. get my own place to live in
  14. get an amazing office space with windows
  15. save money
  16. enjoy life

I’d love to know what your goals are ambitions are for 2016, feel free to share in the comments box!