Stress VS Depression

Today I totally realised the difference between stress and depression.

We tend to throw these words around so innocently on a daily basis. When things aren’t going to plan it’s so easy to say “I feel depressed today” or “eeerrrgghhh I’m feeling so stressed out!”.

Recently I’ve made a conscious effort to be happy, being mindful not to let little things get to me and in return I’ve been feeling great on the inside. But, I’m only human and things got a little too much for me today and I totally felt it in my belly and then PING, there went my magical light bulb again! No wonder I have a little belly or my kangaroo pouch as I like to call it, it’s where all my cortisol goes, therefore it’s where I store most of my fat and stress!

Before today I couldn’t really differentiate between stress and depression. Depression for me personally is when I have no energy or desire to do anything. I don’t want to get out of bed, get dressed (I know I’m down when I reject make up!) or go anywhere and my brain just goes to that dark place, opening up all the boxes I’ve neatly hidden away in the back of my mind.

By changing little daily habits and making an effort to be happy and positive about certain situations, I was able to listen to my body when it went in to overdrive. In return I treated myself with kindness and patience, I ate foods my body was asking for, I went for a long walk with a THE BFF and talked and talked and talked and I also treated myself to a few lavender scented goodies from L’Occitane. Lavender is meant to have calming properties associated to it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I know depression is an illness so it’s important that we educate ourselves about it and know how to look after ourselves and our loved ones during this time.

When your mood suddenly changes from happy to sad it’s important to give your mind and body the love and attention it is craving.

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