Sweet Treats

These kind of sweet treats really used to tickle my fancy, I’d crave this kind of junk food and really enjoy it but not anymore, thank the Lord!

It’s been quite a journey weaning myself off sugar but on January 1st 2014 I made a promise to myself not to put sugar in my tea and I have managed to stick to that ***touch wood***. Along the way my palette started changing and so did my attitude towards food and I noticed how sweet everything tasted. I’m only human and love a sweet treat so I introduced dark chocolate into my diet as, I was finding milk chocolate too sweet to handle. Nowadays I hardly ever have milk chocolate, unless it’s a cheeky digestive biscuit but even then I actually do prefer the dark chocolate version.

This evening THE BFF and I really fancied a bit of dessert from Pret but it was closed so we thought we would try out a new restaurant specialising in desserts! The que was out of the door and we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated so thought it must be good. When we got closer to the front of the que we could see what kind of food was being dished up and there was a lot of whipped cream being sprayed onto waffles and knickerbocker glories, we looked at eachother with that look of shall we stay or shall we go, needless to say we stayed! We qued up in the freezing cold and weren’t leaving without being fed, even though deep down we knew we would probably end up regretting it. We ordered a cinnamon waffle and a Nutella crepe, both came with an unhealthy side of ice cream, just for a few extra calories! The first few bites were tasty but a few mouthfuls in and we were both pretty much done.

Neither of us felt guilty for not polishing off our plates, we satisfied our sweettooth craving and got our sugar fix but came away thinking we are so grateful that we are on the path of mindful eating. I bet 90 percent of the people eating in that restaurant probably didn’t think twice about what they were putting into their bodies whilst they were wolfing down whipped cream and waffles.

After eating all that sugar I felt horrible, really bloated and sluggish all evening and my energy levels totally crashed after a while, so I can totally understand how eating sugar everyday can have a negative effect on your body and your mind.

I was both grateful and not so grateful for this unhealthy, sugar overload experience. Grateful because I now know 100 percent that I don’t enjoy this kind of food anymore and that I should learn to trust my gut when making important decisions – yes dessert is an important life decision and ungrateful because I spent/wasted money on food I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy.

Moral of the story…don’t poison yourself with sugar, especially when you know your body won’t enjoy it!