What is true love?

I was lucky enough to have a morning of pampering today, I booked myself in with my lovely beautician for an eyebrow wax and a session of microdermabrasion. It’s such a lovely pick me up for when my skin is looking dull and needs a bit of brightening and as you can probably imagine my face was looking a little worse for wear for a few hours after the treatment. When I got home after feeling all relaxed I caught my reflection in the mirror and thought cor blimey, what on earth would THE BFF think if he saw me right now?! He’s seen me plenty of times after a facial or microdermabrasion session and never batters an eyelid and that’s when I got thinking about love and what true love is.

Yes it’s all about compromise and listening to each other and understanding one another’s needs and all that good stuff but I think true love is all about acceptance, warts and all.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty of what true love is…

1) being able to let loose in front of each other – yes that means the F word, farting! Better in than out I say and if you can’t do that in front of your one and only then maybe it’s not meant to be! ūüėČ

2) feeling comfortable enough to be able to poop whilst knowing your other half knows you’ve been for a number two and not feel embarrassed by it. It’s a natural process that we all have to do and for some reason we find it extremely¬†cringeworthy if someone knows!

3) not being worried to show your natural beauty especially when your greys are sprouting through, sometimes you just cant be bothered to spend every weekend dying every bit of non pigmented hair. Plus who doesn’t love a silver fox, hey?!

4) lounging around in pyjamas or trackies, makeup free with your spots and blemishes on show or with a bit of stubble looking less than perfect but still finding each other attractive and wanting to be around that special someone.

5) being able to be in the same room doing your own thing and not feeling pressured to make conversation with one another yet enjoying having that person there.

6) laughing for absolutely no reason until your belly and cheeks hurt so much that you can’t move.

7) tolerating annoying habits that you just wouldn’t put up with from other people, not even from your best mate.

8) playing silly pranks on each other and not taking anything to heart, even when the joke goes too far – which we know it always does when you’re having too much fun.

9) doing activities¬†that you don’t particularly¬†enjoy doing because you know it will make the other person happy.

10) eating your favourite foods in front of each other and not feeling an ounce of guilt for undoing the top button of your jeans, stuffing your face, licking your fingers and letting out a satisfying burp whilst you enjoy every moment of it.

Basically in my humble opinion true love is when you are non judgemental about your partner and you can both be yourselves without worrying if the other person thinks this or¬†that about you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself, it’s really important to make an effort and get all glammed up and go on date nights but, it’s equally important not to expect too much from someone – at the end of the day we’re all mysterious creatures and we are all human.