How To Treat A Dry Itchy Scalp


If you suffer from a dry or itchy scalp it can be quite depressing and embarrassing. I’ve personally not suffered with either but I have been on quite a journey with a few family members that have suffered and we’ve tried so many different products until we’ve found a solution that works.


Firstly it’s important to look at your lifestyle to see what triggers off your scalp to react in this way.

1) I’d say that the number one thing that sets off the scalp becoming dry or inflamed is stress. I know it’s easier said than done when you are going through stuff but it’s really important to find a way to keep your stress levels down. Even if that means to walk away from arguments or remove yourself from situations that you find stressful.

2) Hair dye has also contributed to scalp problems for my family members and some products have even left the scalp with little bumps on it which is really distressing. Switch to a product that doesn’t contain too many chemicals, this one has been tried and tested but always do a patch test before you use any kind of hair dye.

3) Diet plays a huge part in developing a dry and itchy scalp and when too much sugar is consumed it sets it off. So eat nourishing foods such as more fruits and vegetables, cooked or raw whichever way you enjoy.


1) Apple cider vinegar has been known to have many health benefits and since it was introduced into our diets as a family it’s helped with acne, weight loss and scalp problems, it also alkalises the body from an acidic pH to an alkaline pH. You can have it on its own as a shot but that can cause heart burn so it’s best to dilute it in water and you can add lemon or honey to it to change the taste.

apple-cider vinegar

2) Massaging vitamin E oil and tea tree oil on the scalp has helped so much with reducing dandruff and even stopping it for months at a time. Massage promotes blood flow, tea tree has antiseptic properties and vitamin e protects against toxins.

vitamin-e oil


3) It’s important to get a blood test from your doctor to check if you are low or deficient in anything that could be causing this problem.

As with most things in life there’s no such thing as a quick fix so be sure to persist with these tips for at least 1-3 months and I am sure they will help to clear up or at least reduce your dry and itchy scalp problem.

image source via Pinterest

Disclaimer: these solutions worked for my family members but you must remember we are all different and if you react to any of the products mentioned make sure you seek medical advise. Also, always carry out a patch test when using new products.