16 Things I’ve Learnt In 2016

16-things-ive-learntIt’s approaching the end of the year so naturally it feels like the perfect time to sit and reflect on things I’ve learnt in the last twelve months, so here goes…

1) Not to fear anything – especially meeting new people. This has been the one year I’ve had to meet so many people that I’ve out off meeting over the last few years because I didn’t feel ready for it but when the time came I handled it like a pro! So it showed me that I can do anything and it’s all about mind control, you can convince yourself something is either good or bad, it’s your choice.

2) Time management – I was always a prompt person, if anything I’m usually the person who is always 10 minutes early but recently I’ve been running late to this one weekly appointment and make people wait for me to turn up and it’s so not cool on my behalf and it makes me feel embarrassed.

3) To take criticism on the chin – not to take other peoples opinions and criticisms to heart and just block out or ignore the information which doesn’t serve me.

4) Mind control – that I have the power in my own mind of how I handle certain situations and it’s my choice if I let my mind wonder back to the past to painful times and if I do end up taking my mind to places that don’t make me happy I need to have a mechanism in place to learn to be present again.

5) It’s ok to have my own opinion – and it’s ok not to agree with other peoples opinions, rules and decisions and it’s important that I do what’s right for me to live my life the way that it makes me happy.

6) Try new things – it’s important to get out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do and experience new things with new people.

7) To be careful with my thoughts – because what you put out comes back like a boomerang so only put out goodness and kindness.

8) Feel things – it’s okay to feel my feeling and have a good old cry if I need to as long as I don’t stay sad for too long.

9) Be happy for others – it’s important to have fun and share my experiences and also respect and appreciate it when others share their happy times.

10) Don’t be judgemental – what others do is their business and what I do is my business, just live and let live.

11) Don’t hold grudges – life is to short to be negative and to live with that burden and poison. Just see the positive in any negative person or situation.

12) Me time – it’s really important to take some me time to relax and reflect and also some personal time with the people I love – rest, go out to experience new things, eat good food and listen to great music.

13) Work hard – if I want to achieve success in my life I have to put the hard work in and became self sufficient and it’s ok to ask for help if I need it.

14) To watch my words – like number 7, ┬áto only say good and kind things as thoughts and words can manifest.

15) Have a belief – in anything God, the universe, myself, other people and my ideas. It’s when you believe in things that you can achieve them and if you believe in something it helps you in life.

16) I control my happiness – not to put the power in anyone else’s hands to make you happy.

image source via Pinterest