Choose Life


This “CHOOSE LIFE” slogan is so appropriate right now. 2016 has taken so many legends from us and has given us so many indications and opportunities to appreciate this precious gift called life. We all take it for granted until tragedy strikes but are so quick to forget when we get caught up in our daily routines, which is understandable as we are expected to achieve so much in this fast paced world and then the true meaning of life gets buried under all of our crap.

In 2017 let’s all seriously “CHOOSE LIFE” on a daily basis. Let’s not get caught up in petty arguments, let’s respect each other even if we don’t necessarily like each other, let’s do what we love, let’s laugh, let’s create, let’s let go of all the negativity and let’s love life! I’m so guilty of getting caught up but, on a daily basis I am learning and changing, forgiving and forgetting. We’ve all been programmed by societies views and each others which makes being negative way easier than being positive. It’s not easy but it’s so necessary because we were put on this earth to achieve goodness and to be happy!

Basically just do what makes you happy, with people that make you happy and forget the rest!

image source via Pinterest