Daily Favourites: Busy Busy Tuesday

Even though I’ve had a busy busy Tuesday, I’ve still had time to fit in some leisure activities such as watching YouTube and eating some food – the two most important things to do in a day!

Favourite YouTube Channel

I love watching Lewis Howes YouTube channel – School of Greatness for the amazing people he brings to his platform such as this inspiring young man Preston Smiles. I watched this interview and found him really open minded and loved the fact that he doesn’t beat around the bush and just says it how it is without shying away from certain subjects.

Favourite Treat

I was given this cute little Booja Booja Truffle Selection Box as a gift. What’s so special about these chocolates I hear you say? Well they are dairy free, organic, gluten free, soya free and suitable for vegans. In this particular box the flavours are Fine De Champagne, Cherry Cognac, Stem Ginger and Around Midnight Espresso – I don’t usually like liquor chocolate but these are quite delicious but I do find the cherry one a little strong.

booja booja chocolate

Favourite Quote

danielle laporte truthbombs

Favourite Stationery

I so didn’t know Sharpie sold writing pens! When I found these in WH Smith today it was like Christmas had come early! It’s such a nice pen that you can write and draw with and the weight of it is so light even though it looks heavy – definitely a great investment.


Favourite App

I found this really good app today called Cody. I haven’t used it yet only scrolled through it and watched a few of the yoga tutorials which I’ll hopefully use in the morning.

cody app