Daily Favourites: Wonderful Wednesday

Favourite YouTubers

As you know I love finding new YouTubers and today I’m sharing a “pear” I found a few weeks ago but have been obsessively watching today – The Happy Pear. They are twin brothers from Ireland that are into healthy eating (almost vegan I think) and they love doing handstands, what’s not to love! They are super nice and easy to connect with and make healthy eating seem really exciting and easy to do.

Favourite Book

So my obsession with The Happy Pear didn’t end with just stalking their vlogs and recipes, I then went on to order their cooking books from Amazon which I received this morning! Just flicking through the books I’ve found so many easy and interesting recipes I’m going to cook on the weekend. (The blue book is their latest book).

the happy pear book

The Happy Pear: Healthy, Easy, Delicious Food to Change Your Life

the happy pear book

The World of the Happy Pear

Favourite Yoga Teacher

Through The Happy Pear I discovered this amazing yoga teacher – Patrick Beach. He also has a YouTube channel where he teaches yoga alongside his girlfriend Carling, where they also vlog and share healthy food and juice recipes. I really like Patrick’s teaching style, he’s not too fast so I’m able to follow his poses and sequences.

Favourite Skincare

I’ve been using Frank Body skincare for years, I think my first order was shipped from Australia which was the original coffee scrub. Since the beginning of this year I’ve been using the creamy face scrub which I feel is really good for sensitive and acne prone skin and it’s gentle enough for daily use. I recently ran out of it so placed an order at 10pm on Monday evening and received my order by 11am Wednesday morning, which I think is pretty fast. I also love how simple the bottles look and how and how cute the packaging it arrived in looked.

frank creamy face scrub

Favourite Quote

mind quote