Fitness Fridays: Just Start

Fitness has been something I’ve always loved, I was always that person that actually enjoyed going to the gym, until this year for some reason or another. Last year I upped my fitness game, I was in the gym doing weights with my boys, running outdoors whatever the weather at least one mile a day, usually between two to three miles and doing yoga or HIIT training every morning. But this year I seriously don’t know what’s happened to my healthy fitness spirit. I can’t even say I don’t have a gym membership, because I pay to go to the fanciest gym in my town. I can’t say I don’t own any gym clothes because I own every brand under the fitness umbrella from Sweaty Betty, Lululemon to Nike and Adidas and I even jumped on the GymShark bandwagon thinking that might give me that extra oomph I needed. Did it? Nope!

It must be my mindset, maybe because last year I was a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding in Bali so I obviously wanted to look and feel good for that and my brother was getting married this time last year so that was something I was looking forward to, as being sister of the groom I knew I was going to receive some attention (big headed much!). However this year there haven’t been any major events to work towards, and even typing this makes me realise how silly that sounds, only working towards something that is pre planned. The younger me would always be in tip top condition so I would be ready and waiting both mentally and physically to be invited to events. It’s funny how as we get older we can give up on ourselves until we are pushed or forced to take care of our health either through illness or frustration.

I went to the gym for an hour this evening, with no pressure or expectations and I really enjoyed myself. Not sticking to my fitness plan devised by one of the instructors would fill me with so much guilt that I wouldn’t enjoy going to the gym or wouldn’t go at all, crazy I know! But this evening proved that just going and putting some effort in and being active is better than not going at all. I power walked on the treadmill for an hour and did some stretching and noticed how creative I was after, it’s amazing what physical activity can do for your mind in a positive way.

I have’t been completely lazy but this has been my worst year for fitness in all of my adult life and for so many months this year I have felt so anxious and guilty for this and also seeing my weight slowly but surely creep up has make me feel upset but still hasn’t made me exercise even though I want to. I know it’s something I need to change in my mind to make me get on to the right path as exercise is something I truly enjoy once I start.

We live in such a fast paced world now that we are programmed to want to see results instantly, just like with online shopping we click today and expect it to arrive tomorrow and get frustrated when deliveries are late. It’s the same when we don’t see fitness results instantly, we expect to lose half a stone after a a gym session or a week of healthy eating and it’s just not like that. After basically having a year off the gym I know I need to reprogram my mind to eat a healthy and balanced diet, workout a few times a week to start off with and I’m sure the weight will drop off and my fitness levels will increase but I know it won’t happen over night.

I remember when I was a uni student and came home for the summer I got myself a six week gym membership and would exercise just for fun every weekday with my best friend and really enjoy it and felt amazing inside and out. This has made me realise not to put pressure on myself and enjoy the journey, easier said than done I know and the older we get the slower our metabolism gets, apparently, but doing is better than wishing, hoping and feeling anxious and miserable. We all fall off the bandwagon now and then but knowing it’s never to late to jump back on gives me so much determination to succeed in my fitness goals.

So here’s to a healthier and happier lifestyle!